Linotype: The Film is a feature-length documentary centered around the Linotype type casting machine that was released in 2012. Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Thomas Edison, the Linotype revolutionized printing and society. The film tells the surprisingly charming and emotional story of the people connected to the Linotype and how it impacted the world.

You can purchase the film here or through iTunes and Amazon.

The Cyclist is a short film about professional cyclist Brad Huff of Springfield, Missouri. Brad talks about his passion for cycling, the sacrifices required to be a pro athlete, and how he ended up with a tattoo of a blood bag on his arm.

Filmed with good friends Brandon Goodwin and Colton Salmons.

Monotype asked me to create a series of videos that feature designers talking about their passion for type and design and in the process, we got to talk about Dan’s typographic tattoos, which was fun. is an online resource dedicated to preserving the industrial films of the printing, typography, journalism, and graphic design trades.

Showcasing the technologies of the past, the films have been restored and digitized for the preservation of skills and education of the next generation of people who care about communication and design.